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Hair Tattoos How To Determine Which Hairline or Beard Shape Is Right for You

Hair or scalp tattoos are a great solution for creating a crisp hairline or filling in beards. The hairline or beard shape you choose for your hair tattoo can determine the final results of the treatment. Here are factors to consider when deciding which hairline or beard shape works for you: 

Facial Structure 

When you book an appointment with a hair tattoo practitioner, they can analyze your facial structure to create a natural-looking hairline. If you have a round face, the practitioner may recommend a hairline with angles and clean lines and a square beard to give your jawline more structure.

A slightly rounded hairline might soften the angles of a square face. Someone with an oval face may want to choose between a sharper hairline and subtle curves.  

Your Original Hairline

Consider your natural hairline if you are getting a scalp tattoo to camouflage a receding hairline. Mimicking the positioning and shape of your natural hairline can help restore your original look. If you would like to try a different hairline than your original style, the practitioner can tweak the shape and positioning of your new hairline or beard.

Drastic hairline and beard shape changes may not blend with the rest of your hair. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) practitioners can carefully create a hairline or beard shape that is similar to the original.

A defined hairline might look unnatural if you lose hair further up your scalp. Consider a slightly receded hairline if you get a scalp tattoo to camouflage male pattern balding.

A softer, less defined hairline can look natural with clients experiencing hair loss. This style may also be less likely to draw attention to balding. 

Age and Style Preferences

Some young clients want well-defined beards and a lower, more defined hairline, giving them an edgy, youthful look. Older people may prefer a conservative hairline with a higher curve for a slightly receded look.

You also want a hairline that complements your personal style. You can discuss potential options with your scalp micropigmentation artist to find the right look for your facial structure and age. Here are some hairline styles to consider when getting a scalp tattoo: 

Lightweight Hairline

A lightweight hairline has a soft gradient that is softer on the edges and grows denser further up the scalp. Scalp tattoo practitioners use lighter-colored pigments for softer hairlines, creating the illusion of closely shaved hair.

Lightweight hairlines can look more natural on people with fair complexions. As the initial pigment fades slightly, the results are still visible. 

Jagged Hairline

A jagged style mimics the appearance of a natural hairline. To create this look, SMP practitioners randomly apply tattoo pigments, with some outside the hairline, to mimic natural hair patterns.

This style can be an excellent choice for clients who do not want the harsh lines associated with a well-defined cut.

Defined Hairline

The defined hairline style comprises smooth, sharp angles that create a youthful look. Consider the defined hairline if you want to look like you have a strong contrast between your face and hair.

This style may not look like one’s natural hair, as most people do not have a perfectly defined hairline, yet it is a great option if you are going for a clean, statement look. 

Get a Hair Tattoo That Compliments You

An experienced practitioner can assess your facial features and consider your age, personal style, and original hairline to help you choose.

The practitioner may also map out different hairlines on your scalp to help you find the best hairline. Book an appointment with a reputable SMP practitioner to get a hair tattoo that works for you.

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