How To Steps to Business Registration in Cambodia Made Easy

Are you embarking on a new business journey in the dynamic marketplace of Cambodia? Registering your business is the first critical step towards setting foot in the Cambodian business landscape. And guess what? It’s now more accessible and quicker than ever. Thanks to the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Online Business Registration system, entrepreneurs can register their businesses just seven steps from the comfort of their homes. This article is your ultimate guide to hassle-free business registration in Cambodia.

Understanding the Cambodian Business Scene:

Before diving into the registration process, it’s essential to understand the sectors that have gained immense popularity in Cambodia. These top selections include Construction, Manufacturing, Domestic and International Wholesale and Retail Trade, Real Estate Activities, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activities. This information gives potential investors an insightful preamble about the country’s most flourishing sectors.

Online Business Registration – An Overview:

Launched on June 15, 2020, Cambodia‘s Online Business Registration system marks a significant stride towards digital transformation. This platform caters to small, medium, and large taxpayer categories, significantly easing the once-taxing business registration process.

The system offers an accessible, secure, and time-saving solution for company registrations. Entrepreneurs can now apply, pay the listed fees, submit necessary documents, and receive approval for licenses, certificates, and permits digitally.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register Your Business:

Log in to the Online Business Registration system using CamDigiKey, the Royal Government of Cambodia’s advanced mobile single sign-on service.

  • Create a CamDigiKey account.
  • Login with CamDigiKey.
  • Fill out the application.
  • You must submit your information and provide the necessary documents. Await approval.
  • Upon approval, download your digital licenses/certificates/permits.

Understanding the business registration fees and payments:

The total fee varies depending on the type of your enterprise, the services chosen, the number of business activities, and your taxpayer classification. A secure online payment system makes paying mandatory fees easy with options including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and KHQR.


Taking the first leap in the Cambodian business market is now a simplified, economic, and streamlined process. The online business registration system offers transparency, cost-effectiveness, and swift processing, making the entire journey of business registration an effortless exercise. In the ever-evolving Cambodian marketplace, this is genuinely business registration made easy!

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