FAQ for Substance and Alcohol Recovery

If you’ve been struggling with substance use, turn your situation around with help from an alcohol rehab center. Such facilities offer different programs and treatments to help you get off drugs. Here are a few frequently asked questions about substance and alcohol recovery:

What Is Withdrawal and How Long Can It Take?

Withdrawal is the symptom that occurs after using substances and alcohol for a long time before stopping abruptly. The duration of the withdrawal symptoms varies depending on the drug you’ve been using. If you’re struggling with alcoholism, the symptoms can last several weeks, depending on the level of use. The physical symptoms you’ll likely experience include headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite, which can be treated with medication. 

How Can You Tell If You Need Rehabilitation?

Seek rehabilitation if you struggle with excessive alcohol consumption, have withdrawal symptoms after quitting alcohol, or have a doctor’s order to stop drinking for your health. Abusing alcohol can have a negative impact on individuals and their families. If you discover that you have a drug or alcohol dependency, seek help from professional rehabilitation services. 

What Treatment Is Available for Alcoholism and Drug Use?

As a heavy alcohol and substance user, you may relapse if you enter a short-term residential treatment. For a quick recovery, constant monitoring may be necessary, which involves taking medication, undergoing behavioral therapy, or both. If you’re struggling with addiction and substance use but you can carry on with your daily life, consider an intensive outpatient program. Outpatient programs allow patients to keep their work and family schedule while also attending addiction treatment appointments.

Are Families Involved in Alcohol Treatment?

As a recovering substance user, your recovery may be quicker if your family participates in the treatment process. Some rehabilitation facilities set aside weekends for patients to call their family members or have them come to the facility. Having a support group while dealing with alcohol and substance use can be beneficial for certain patients.

What Can You Expect During Alcohol Treatment?

When you seek help at an alcohol rehab center, the first few days your body will adjust to functioning without drug use. You’ll receive treatment for the side effects of withdrawal before attending therapy sessions that will help you learn how to balance work and life. To help you stay fit and active during your recovery, some rehab centers offer experiential-based treatments like yoga and hiking. 

Can You Remain Sober After Rehab?

After attending a rehabilitation program for an extended period of time, you will have learned tools and techniques to avoid the temptation to partake in alcohol or drugs. You can apply the skills learned during your stay in rehab to maintain sobriety. While it is not guaranteed that you will remain sober, rehabilitation facilities implement evidence-based processes to help you learn how to stay sober after your treatment session is over.

What’s Included in the Recovery Plan?

While developing a treatment plan for alcoholism, rehabilitation facilities will take into account the history and severity of the addiction. They’ll also evaluate the patients for medical or mental conditions and physical, cultural, and spiritual needs. The duration of recovery from alcoholism varies based on the severity of your condition. You may be more likely to experience faster recovery from alcoholism the more time you spend in treatment programs. 

Seek Alcohol Rehab for a Faster Recovery

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and alcoholism, seek help from professionals at rehab facilities. Treatment and therapy offered at rehabilitation facilities can help you deal with withdrawals and the temptations to use those substances again. Find a reliable rehab facility near you.

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